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Get More customers for your Business is "bigest Challange" to everyone. Mediczy is the Best platform to reach more customers in your location with cost effective way. Mediczy Providing Location based discount offers to all Mediczy Users to attact customers in region wise. Mediczy users base keep on increasing across India and You will also have chance to reach more customers simultaneously.

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Mediczy Advertising provides exposure for your business's products or services and can help to differentiate you from your competitors & Reach More customer's in your Location with Low Cost.

Better Connected With Your Customers

Business is based on relationships-here are some easy ways to stay in touch and better connected with your customers. Show We care Them.

Online Booking & Appointments

With Mediczy Streamline your Salon’s/Spa’s/Shop/Service Appointments on a single Screen Calendar page.Keep your chairs filled by increasing appointments through your social media pages

Increase Existing Customers Satisfaction

80 % of your business comes from the 20% of your customers. With Mediczy Know who all are your 20% ?Provide Mediczy Free Health Card (worth Rs.500) & Increase your Existing Customers Satisfaction, Relationship.

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A new wave of app letting you to skip the queue and talk to doctors online anytime anywhere.

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Mediczy provides anytime access to board certified doctors and pediatricians from where it's most convenient for you - home, office, or on the go. After registering, within 15 minutes you can have a virtual consult to diagnose non-emergency medical issues over the phone or through secure video on your computer or smartphone.

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